The Team of Structure & Process

Updated September 18th 2017

Structure & Process is a European organisational development consulting & coaching firm, based in Germany. We are interested in purposeful organisations, team collaboration and participatory leadership. We consult, coach and design interactive events.

The company was founded by Tanja Korvenmaa and Martina Röll in early 2012. Today, it is a sole proprietorship of Martina’s and has a team of six, four of whom currently active:

Martina Röll leads the consulting work of the company and holds many other roles.

Martina Röll, Founder, Consulting Lead

Martina came into leadership positions early, founding her first company while attending High School in Luxembourg (1997) and a second one while studying business economics at TU Dresden (1999). From 2001 on, she worked as an IT project manager and a a freelance e-business consultant. An early blogger and social media activist, Martina became a well-known speaker and expert on the impacts of the internet on organisations and society.

In 2008, Martina took a 2-year break from business to practise Buddhism intensely. She lived at Won Kwang Sa International Zen Temple in Hungary and at Providence Zen Center, where she lead the meditation halls.

In 2012, Martina founded Structure & Process to discover and explore new ways of collaborating, both in her own company and with client organisations. Martina is a pioneer user of Holacracy in Europe, a member of the Open Space Technology and the Art of Hosting communities, a practitioner of Non-Violent Communication and an improv dancer.

Martina grew up in Luxembourg and now lives in Dresden, Germany. Contact her at in German, English, French or Luxembourgish.


Malwina Ulrych, Marketing & Communication

Malwina Ulrych takes care of marketing and communication at Structure & Process and is stepping into consulting while also studying Psychology (M.Sc.) at the FernUniversität in Hagen.

Her background includes academic and nonacademic psychology training, facilitating workshops and retreats on  mindfulness and personal development, a creative writing training, as well as a hands-on online marketing education after starting her first business at age 20.

Malwina is of Polish descent, currently lives in Dresden and speaks German, English, Dutch and Polish. Contact her at


Portrait Florian Englert
Florian Englert, Front Desk & Back Office

Florian Englert takes care of the front desk and the back office at Structure & Process. His formal educational background includes management assistance, teaching and Master’s degrees in geography and German philology. He is also trained in Radical Honesty (a variant of Gestalt therapy).

While working in conventionally structured companies and in public service, Florian became dissatisfied about how work is organised there. Frustrating experiences with alternative forms of organisation in political activism and a large intentional community added to that. Now he is eager to explore new approaches to beautiful and efficient collaboration. View all of his current roles in Structure & Process here.

Florian grew up and lives near Frankfurt/Main. He speaks German and English. Contact him at


Portrait Rainer von Leoprechting
Rainer von Leoprechting, Consulting & Business Development

Rainer von Leoprechting is a consultant, community builder, and entrepreneur. From 1994 until 2012 he worked from within the European Commission, where he built a community of internal change agents, started and led the in-house consulting team, and introduced many innovative practices especially around how people meet and make meaning with each other.

In Structure & Process, Rainer is supporting Consulting and Business Development work. View all of his current roles here.

Rainer is originally from Trier, Germany and lives on the Obenaus Community Farm in Southern Styria. Contact Rainer in German, English, French or Portuguese at

We collaborate with a wide network of international colleagues and are open to new people joining our partnership.