Links of the Week (Week 2/2016)


Hello again. Happy New Year! Hope you had wonderful holidays and a good start into the New Year of 2016. Here are our first Links of the Week, curated from our link collection:


Ross Mayfield writes about the right momentum you need to build your start-up or project. The author encourages leaders to especially look out  for internal momentum such as a good team, and take the chance to use that. Momentum.

Another helpful and related advice for start-up founders has Auren Hoffmann on Quora. Deriving from sports, he draws a general distinction between the “Position player” and the “All-Around-Athlete”. Both – the highly specialized employee as well as the multi-talented one – are required in companies, but they are needed in different situations and phases of the company: How do you avoid hiring the wrong people for your startup?

Business Development

Don’t you think most business ideas fail because they lack a certain resource? Money, people, feedback? This article leads to an opposite insight: When you take your constraints seriously and act on them, it can actually boost your business.  How to Achieve Breakthrough By Embracing Your Constraints

The people of August are thinking about compensation for some time now. In this article they are introducing their salary system, that evolved from these considerations. Briefly, it takes the relationship of employee/partner to the company, the capacities (collectively decided), living costs and special roles into account. The August Open Compensation Model for Self-Managed Organizations

Future of Work 

Aaron Dignan believes that there a two ways of bringing any innovation in their work to the employee: First is, making them aware of their problems and the already good known solutions. Or you simply give them better tools, that change habits and improve working just by using them, because they are helpful and even fun. The biggest obstacle to the future of work.

Have also a look at this pretty info graphic by Christina Bowen, based on another article by Aaron Dignan that illustrates the dependencies, that are pulling and pushing transformation. Transformation.

Auf deutsch:

Jemandem etwas kurz und knapp, und dennoch begeisternd zu erklären: Das nennt man “Elevator Pitch” – so viel Zeit bleibt einem für eine überzeugende Begegnung zum Beispiel im Fahrstuhl. Thomas Jäger nimmt die Herausforderung an und versucht sich an einem “Elevator Pitch” zum Thema Art of Hosting. Lesen Sie selbst, ob Sie überzeugt sind: Mein Elevator Pitch für Art of Hosting.