Links of the Week (Week 42/2015)


Here are our Links of the Week, curated from our link collection:


Need help in building a viable sales pipeline? This post is inspired by climbing. Remember to have your pins (aka Livesavers) really safe and clear before you move on: Only a strong and clear “Yes” in your sales process is a safe “pin” to move forwards.


Tim O’Reilly about “Unicorns”, startups with a valuation of over one billion USD, and how technology transforms our daily life: We’ve Got This Whole Unicorn Thing All Wrong!

Work Habits

Derek Sivers shares some surprising insights about the thin line between stress and relaxation: Relax for the same result!

Customer Relations

How organisations separate themselves from their customers and why this is an issue for both of them: Gerry McGovern in “The customer is the meme.”
We need to move away from the old culture that sees technology almost wholly as a replacement for people and a reducer of human-to-human interactions.”


In the Harvard Business Review George Romme examines three common misconceptions about Holacracy. He also gives some background on the roots of Holacracy and Sociocracy: The Big Misconceptions Holding Holacracy Back.

Auf deutsch:

Gunter Dueck über “Volkswagening” und was genau das mit sogenannten “Score-Man”, die überall beste sein müssen, zu tun hat: Volkswagening / volkswagieren und Supramanie.

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