Links of the Week (week 5/2016)


This week’s link collection features three articles on Organisational Development, one on Software development and one on the best way to get feedback from your customers. Enjoy!

Getting magical feedback

Sean Smith writes about a well crafted question that can get you magical feedback from customers. Where did he learn this? In Disneyland. Read his article on Medium.

How Trello got started

I stumbled upon this article about Trello, our collaboration tool of choice at Structure & Process. It was written just a few months after its launch, about 4 years ago. Read it and learn about the difference between a horizontal and a vertical software product.
The business goal for Trello is to ultimately get to 100 million users. That means that our highest priority is removing any obstacles to adoption. Anything that people might use as a reason not to use Trello has to be found and eliminated.

A wiki for Teal Organisations

Frederic Laloux’ book Reinventing Organisations has so far been a big success. It has made the word “Teal” become well-known in the Organisational Development & Consulting world. The book has been translated into a wiki by a community of readers and users. It recently got a visual upgrade and is starting to look more appealing. Recommended to add to your bookmarks if you’re in the business of transforming organisations. Here’s the link.

Critical notes on implementing Holacracy and Teal practices

The author questions if Holacracy and Teal practices are actually safe for existing companies to implement.
Cutting-edge management fads are causing great companies to bleed out. The distance between the theoretical conversation and the reality of work is just too far.
Something to think and read more about! Here’s the full article.

A duty of care for leaders

Dan Pontefract translates Maslow’s famous “Hierarchy of Needs” triangle into a version for the workplace and asks the question how more employees could reach workplace actualization. Which can also be explained as employees having a purpose mindset (instead of a job or career mindset).

He believes it is up to leaders to enact a duty of care. What that is is explained in the article on his website.

About Rob van den Brand

Rob van den Brand is a former partner in Structure & Process. Among others he held the roles of Personal Productivity Coach, Holacracy Facilitator and Product Development. He is focused on providing the necessary guidance to organisations that want to transition to different ways of working. He also likes to help people get more productive personally. Rob's Website is Productive Mind.