Structure & Process Work Notes, March 2018

A lot of work at the beginning of March got done from London, where I was attending Gender in the Contemporary World Symposium.

I shouldn’t even be writing this. :-)

I am technically on holiday. But as I was browsing business email, I fell into last month’s work notes and noticed: oh, it’s time!

I do enjoy taking this time off. Except for my vacation in December 2017, I haven’t taken a true holiday in a very long time. I feel relaxed, easy and joyful. My brain is producing some creativity that for once does not circle around Structure & Process, Organisational Development or other things close to my usual profession. I like it.

In the first days, I thought that I should think about work: How to continue it. How to change it. What it means to me. Wether I shouldn’t be doing something completely different. Holacracy-stuff and future directions of the company… And then: it just went away. Without distress or feeling a loss of control.

Turns out I can actually take a vacation. The world doesn’t crumble just because I am away from my desk for some time. I have liberty, freedom to move.

Horses in a meadow near Kloster, Hiddensee, North Germany.
Horses in a meadow near Kloster, Hiddensee, North Germany during my first holiday week.

I also have the freedom to work while I am on vacation, so I joined online team meetings of our client reinblau, keeping to our regular work rhythm, and found it easy to do and not disruptive to my break.

Malwina and I ran a partner meeting from March 13-15, meeting in Munich, in an AirBnb that I wholeheartedly recommend. Just the two of us, very calm work, mostly getting rid of things we don’t need to do, simplifying, and simplifying further. We also set up our first workshop after our break, when we will be working with the University of Groningen again later this month.

In the wide open space we allow ourselves in these meetings, creativity hit and I rewrote my personal website, and prepared Sit with Tina (born during our January retreat) for the “Digital Feminism” Festival, which I had been invited to, to exhibit the project and run an online-meditation from the festival grounds. (This happened on March 17/18 and was extremely interesting and fulfilling.)

I ended up feeling happy and refreshed. Here is my after-partner-meeting face:

Martina Röll (Photo)
Checking out from Partner Meeting.

Also this month:

I begin work officially again in 12 days. See you then!

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