Available Roles at Structure & Process

Updated April 25th 2019.

These are our current priorities:

Energising our Events business

We produce events rather rarely now. We wish for a more stable and generous offer of seminars, trainings, workshops, conferences and unconferences for ourselves, clients, business partners and the public. We know that our team has a lot to share, but often gets bogged down in daily work. We wish that you work with our team and our community, get a feel of the available knowledge, skills, experiences and needs, and package them into useful training and seminar offers.

Event Design, Event Business, Event Caller are relevant roles. Logistics, Venue, Space & Beauty, Registrations and Food / Catering are there to support you.

Sales / Project Acquisition

This is a  job for people who enjoy people and are not shy to call new or established contacts on the phone. The purpose is to stay in touch with people who have made a connection with us and explore when the right moment is to set up a project.

For Sales / Acquisitions you will receive access to our pipeline full of contacts: Call them up, get to know them, find out what they need, and pass the lead on to our consulting team. You can join the project team to deliver the work, if you are so inclined: we are open for sales/communication people who want to learn consulting, as we are for consultants who want to level up their sales skills by working in this role.

You will be supported by Juliane, who has 15 years of experience in consulting and is a professional sales coach for consultants, as well as Rainer, who is an experienced organisational developer and personal development coach.

Business Development

We need extra capacity in exploring business development and partnership opportunities. You will work together with our team looking into what Structure & Process might also be.

This may spin off new ventures and side businesses, which you may then lead as a project manager if you wish.

You need interest in the consulting work of the company, a wide mind to see new possibilities, and entrepreneurial spirit to take these into your hands and make them happen, failing fast and often.

It helps if you like to travel and meet people and explore through conversation.



We currently work in German and English, with German being the main language in consulting work.

For all work with us you need to be comfortable reading and writing in English and speaking English when collaborating with others.

Our clients and business partners speak German, English, Dutch, French, Flemish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Italian. We would be happy to continue working internationally, so feel invited to bring your language skills in!

Written material, virtual work environments

As a multi-local team, we use a lot of written online communication: Slack and Trello are our internal communication platforms, Glassfrog is the governance and meeting-support backend. We use Skype and Zoom for videoconferencing.

You should be comfortable working in online environments that use written text as their main medium or you won’t be happy with us. You should probably generally like your computer, or you (and everybody else) will suffer.

Geography, Partner Meetings

Our team is based in Germany and Austria;  in Berlin, Dresden, München and Graz.

We work as a remote team and meet all together approximately every twelve weeks for a three-day partner meeting, usually in Dresden or near Berlin. In these, we collaborate on operative and strategic work, share learnings, and network with outside partners.

Our current clients are based in Berlin, Dresden and Groningen.

Operating Rhythm / Work Times / Vacation

Our current operating rhythm has a Tactical Meeting every second Monday afternoon, Berlin time.

There are no fixed work times or vacation rules at Structure & Process: You work when you work and take a break when you take a break. We care for good life-work-balance. When applying, it helps to let us know how much time you want to put into the company for starters, and to how much it would grow ideally.


Our current compensation system is extremely simple. :-) What do you need? What do you want? Be straightforward in expressing your wishes and expectations around money when contacting us, please.

Holacracy Operating System

Structure & Process uses Holacracy(R) as its operating system. This gives partners great freedom in their work, and a structure to take influence, learn and develop together. If you already know Holacracy, that is great (and do let us know when you contact us!); if not, we will teach you.

Please note:

  1. We are not looking to build up employed staff at the moment. We will consider freelancers / contractors only, with the possible exception of student interns.
  2. We receive more applications than we can even respond to properly. If you would like to work with us, make your message competitive: Be clear and straightforward, and detailed enough for us to get an idea of how to proceed: What do you want? What do you think Structure & Process can offer you? What might you have to offer to Structure & Process, or members of our team? What languages do you speak and write fluently? What are your thoughts/feeling/wishes/needs regarding money? What are your relationships to Holacracy, Open Space Technology, Art of Hosting and Non-Violent Communication like?

Feel free to express interest in any role that you find in our online governance records – we are not attached to the ones that we hold, and much work is shared anyway.

Further Impressions

You can meet our team on “About us”.

Our past email newsletters can give you an impression of how we roll. Our feeds on Facebook or Twitter, our link collection on Tumblr and our company blog can also show you what we do and what we are interested in.

Start a conversation

Get in touch with our Front Desk to discuss possibilities of working together. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Opportunities with colleagues:

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