Leadership Development / Personal Coaching

We offer 1-on-1 coaching to support you in establishing Beautiful Work for yourself.


  • You find yourself in a new role oder leadership position that you need to grow into
  • You are experienced in your position and are looking for new perspectives and growth opportunities, for yourself and/or your company
  • You feel overwhelmed and long for hands-on, step-by-step support in building your capacity again

we would be happy to support you.

Making use of external Leadership Coaching is a way to:

  • take your professional development seriously
  • gain a powerful resource in your decision making and problem solving
  • widen your horizons and learn & practise new leadership skills

We support leaders – business owners, managers in businesses and non-profits, and others – in transition, growth and development.

We offer you:

Portrait Photo Martina Roell
Martina Röll
  • honest and straightforward feedback, as well as high-quality support in resolving the particular problems you’re dealing with.
  • space to reflect your decision making and your communication.
  • challenges to your views, a fresh outside perspective and explorations of new ways of acting.

We can coach you selectively when you need us, or work alongside with you over a longer period of time.

Malwina Ulrych

Our Coaches are:

  • Martina Röll, Founder and Core Partner of Structure & Process
  • Malwina Ulrych, Associate Partner & Consultant
  • Rainer von Leoprechting, Community Member & Consultant.

All of us are fluent in English and German.

Portrait Rainer von Leoprechting
Rainer von Leoprechting

We coach in-person across Europe (our bases are in Dresden, Munich and Ehrenhausen/Graz) and via Skype/Zoom (videoconferencing), email and the phone.

Please contact us to explore a format that makes sense to you!