Leadership Development / Coaching

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Making use of external Leadership Coaching is a way to

  • take your professional development seriously
  • gain a powerful resource in your decision making and problem solving
  • widen your horizons & build up new leadership skills
Martina Röll
Martina Röll

We support leaders – business owners, managers in businesses and non-profits, and others – in transition, growth and development.

Use our outside perspective to reflect your decision making and improve your communication. Reflect and develop your leadership skills and your ability to deal with ambiguity, conflict and tensions. Be challenged in your views and discover more ways of acting.

We can support you selectively when you need us, or work alongside with you over a longer period of time. We primarily work as personal coaches for individual leaders, but sometimes also support small groups, such as founder teams or boards.

Our Leadership Development and Coaching are delivered by Martina Röll, Founder and Core Partner of Structure & Process, and Rainer von Leoprechting, Associate Partner. We work in German and English.

Portrait Rainer von Leoprechting
Rainer von Leoprechting

We work mostly in-person, across Europe, with additional support via Skype, email and phone. We are ready to travel all over the world for interesting challenges. What is yours?

Please contact us to speak about your needs.

“Martina is a very creative thinker, and does what a consultant should do: ask brilliant and often difficult questions.”

– Ton Zijlstra, Independent Consultant on Change, Complexity, Knowledge Work, Learning

“Lebendig, immer im Moment, authentisch und an der Wahrheit… So kenne ich Martina. In Gesprächen mit ihr fallen Zentnerlasten von den Schultern und wird abgelöst von Freiheit und der Gewissheit: es gibt immer einen Weg.” 

– Farani Linke