Leadership Development / Personal Coaching

We offer 1-on-1 coaching to support you in establishing Beautiful Work for yourself.


  • You find yourself in a new role oder leadership position that you need to grow into
  • You are experienced in your position and are looking for new perspectives and growth opportunities, for yourself and/or your company
  • You feel overwhelmed and long for hands-on, step-by-step support in building your capacity again

we would be happy to support you.

Making use of external Leadership Coaching is a way to:

  • take your professional development seriously
  • gain a powerful resource in your decision making and problem solving
  • widen your horizons and learn & practise new leadership skills

We support leaders – business owners, managers in businesses and non-profits, and others – in transition, growth and development.

We offer you:

Portrait Photo Martina Roell
Martina Röll
  • honest and straightforward feedback, as well as high-quality support in resolving the particular problems you’re dealing with.
  • space to reflect your decision making and your communication.
  • challenges to your views, a fresh outside perspective and explorations of new ways of acting.

We can coach you selectively when you need us, or work alongside with you over a longer period of time.

Malwina Ulrych

Our Coaches are:

  • Martina Röll, Founder and Core Partner of Structure & Process
  • Malwina Ulrych, Associate Partner & Consultant
  • Rainer von Leoprechting, Community Member & Consultant.

(You can learn more about each one of us on About Us.)

All of us are fluent in English and German.

Portrait Rainer von Leoprechting
Rainer von Leoprechting

We coach in-person across Europe (our bases are in Dresden, Munich and Ehrenhausen/Graz), via online-videoconferencing (using Skype, Zoom, or appear.in), via email and on the phone.

Please contact us to explore a format that makes sense to you!