Personal Productivity and Effectiveness

Effective collaboration starts with a solid personal foundation: excellent personal organisation.

With a solid personal productivity system in place, requests from other team members, bosses or clients will inspire and not overwhelm you.

You will get more done of what is essential and and drop the unimportant, freeing you up for creative work, learning & reflection and relaxation.

We coach individuals to

  • set up a personal organisation system, using paper or software tools
  • establish a process to distinguish what is important from what is less important
  • maintain transparency over their personal work process to other coworkers
  • overcome procrastination by integrating what is important with what is joyful and useful right now
  •  develop personal strength to stay with what is important and prevent you from jumping at urgent, but unimportant tasks.

We integrate stress-relief and relaxation methods, teach burnout-prevention and work-life balance.

We coach individual entrepreneurs, team members, leaders, executives and employees and entire teams. We can work in English, German, French, Dutch, Luxembourgish and Czech.

We work in-person or via E-Mail, telephone and Skype.

Please contact us to begin a conversation about your wishes and needs!