How do you feel about your email?

Our Inbox Zero Guide helps you refocus on your important work

Does this sound familiar?

  • Emails come in faster than you can process them.
  • You have a feeling you spend too much time reading and moving around (the same!) emails.
  • Finding back old emails is a pain.
  • You sometimes forget to reply.
  • Things you overlooked come back and bite you
  • You check your email more often than you’d like but get tense when you don’t.

Here at Structure & Process we’re passionate about personal productivity and we recognise that an overflowing email inbox is a major obstacle for staying focused and getting work done.

There is a solution for this. We have found that setting up the right structure and following  a simple process allows us to empty our inbox every day. With very little time and effort.

We’ve written about this system in our free Inbox Zero Guide.

The system we explain in our guide will help you regain control of your email. As a result, you’ll have a clear inbox with zero items in it, feel focused and in control of your work.

How Inbox Zero improves your work

You will…

  • Save time. Because you don’t need to check email constantly and only have to read messages once or twice.
  • Have more peace of mind: No more clutter. You’ll be able to find the emails that require your action easily.
  • Build more trust. Because you will be a person that always replies and follows up when it’s important.

All this allows you to shift your focus from worrying about email to working on your important tasks and projects.

“I like the clear structure and the simple process, you have a good way to explain all the steps. I have implemented this for my email and I am convinced. So I am down from > 5000 emails to 0 now. Thank you!” – Annette

How to get started

This guide has been designed to give you all the information you need to get started and implement Inbox Zero on your own. It doesn’t take long to read (the average reading time is about 14 minutes).

Get access to our free guide by filling out the form below.

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