Building beautiful Organisations in which people love to work.

Last Update: October 29th, 2020

Structure & Process works with a diversity of clients, making work more beautiful:

We also offer leadership development and coaching:

  • accompanying you as a leaders in building and shaping an organisation you keep enjoying
  • supporting individual professionals on their journey
  • improving relationships with colleagues, superiors and staff.

We work as organisational developers, business consultants, process facilitators, workshop designers, personal and team coaches and technology advisors. Our clients include small and large companies and non-profits, cooperatives, a city government and several universities.

Our work is grounded in Holacracy, Open Space Technology, Circle and Art of Hosting practises. We are active members of the communities developing these approaches.

We are based in Dresden, Germany and work world-wide.

Please get in touch to explore what we might do together!