Beautiful Organisations in which people love to work.

Last Update: October 22nd, 2021

Welcome! Structure & Process is the organisational development firm of Juliane Röll. I work with a diversity of clients, making work more beautiful:

Structure & Process’ clients include small and large for-profit companies, non-profits, cooperatives, a city government and several universities. We purposefully do not specialise in any specific industry or any specific type of client organisation. 

The work of Structure & Process is grounded in Holacracy, Open Space Technology, Circle and Art of Hosting practises. Me and my team are active members of the communities developing these approaches. We show up as organisational developers, business consultants, process facilitators, workshop designers, team coaches and/or technology advisors depending on the project need. 

The company was founded in Finland in 2012 by Juliane Röll and Tanja Korvenmaa. Today, it is run as a sole proprietorship by Juliane, partnering with international colleagues depending on the project need. Juliane also works as a partner in the international organisational transformation firm The Ready.

Please get in touch to explore what we might do together!