About Structure & Process

Updated March 30th 2020

Structure & Process is a small European organisational development firm. We build organisational structures and work processes that make sense and improve team collaboration. We are particularly interested in self-organising / self-governing structures and making “non-hierarchic” structures work.

We believe in the abilities of the individual, and the synergy of community. We look for balance in all things: individuality and collective work, work and not-work, action and non-action. We seek beauty, ease, effectiveness, joy, meaning, connection and purpose.

The company was founded in Finland in 2012 by Juliane Röll and Tanja Korvenmaa. Today, it is run as a sole proprietorship by Juliane, partnering with international colleagues depending on the project need.

Juliane Martina Röll

Juliane grew up in Luxembourg and currently lives in Dresden and Berlin, Germany.

Portrait Photo of Juliane Martina Röll
Juliane Martina Röll, Founder & Consulting Lead

Juliane came into leadership positions early, founding her first two companies when she was 16 and 18 years old.

Juliane studied business economics at TU Dresden. She became an IT project manager and a freelance e-business consultant in 2001. An early blogger, she became a well-known expert and speaker on the impacts of the Internet on organisations and society.

From 2009-2010, Juliane lived at Won Kwang Sa International Zen Temple (Esztergom, Hungary) and Providence Zen Center (Cumberland, Rhode Island) to practise Buddhism intensely. In this time, she worked as a builder, gardener, temple cook and head of the meditation halls. She participated in three intense 90-day silent meditation retreats (Kyol Che), leading two of them as Head Dharma Teacher.

Back in lay society, Juliane worked as a personal coach for entrepreneurs from 2010-2012 while continuing to serve as a meditation teacher in the Kwan um School of Zen.

In 2012, Juliane co-founded Structure & Process to discover and explore new ways of collaborating, both in her own company and with client organisations.

Juliane is a pioneer practitioner of Holacracy in Europe and an active member of the community developing the Holacracy Constitution. She is a member of the Open Space Technology community, the Art of Hosting community, the European Consultants Camp, and a practitioner of Non-Violent Communication. Juliane is an improv dancer and a person of transgender experience.

Juliane speaks German, English, French and Luxembourgish. Contact her at juliane@structureprocess.com