Quotes of the Week (Week 51/2015)


With some quotes of the most interesting articles from our link collection this week we say Goodbye for this year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We will resume this column on January 11th.


I must admit: in the last few months, I became a Trello Fangirl. In this article, the Trello team emphasises the need for a good Onboarding procedure for your new hires:

“Like all first impressions, you only have one shot to get it right. The first week is the time to be as thorough as possible, for both logistics as well as intangibles. Important information that falls through the cracks or isn’t conveyed properly means that employees’ knowledge bases are inconsistent.”

And, of course, they have a fabulous solution: a Trello Onboarding Board. New Employee Onboarding: Best Practices For New Hires

(Our link collection on Trello)

Self Organization

This article gives a valuable insight into the self-organisation of the arts Co-Working space Timelab in Belgium. Its method to organise is called The Clover:

“The Clover is a method developed in Timelab, which can be used to evaluate and formulate new proposals for projects as well as organisations. The four cycles which can be iterated several times are: Principles, Design, Values and Community.”

Timelab – Experiments with New Organisational Models


Considering a new organisational model for your company involves a lot of decisions and a long way of transition. Bart Vaadberhagen introduces a step-by-step way for the transition from hierarchy to Holacracy in very small steps.

“By doing it this way, the transition between a hierarchy and a holacracy becomes almost continuous : it is determined by the size of the portfolio of projects that are driving the new way of working.”

How to go from hierarchy to holacracy … or wherever you need to be in between !

Auf deutsch:

Der Schwerpunkt Ökonomischer Unsinn der aktuellen Brandeins ist sehr amüsant zu lesen und ist gleichzeitig gruselig, weil es in vielen Unternehmen offensichtlich tatsächlich so verrückt zugeht, wie geschildert.

“In vielen großen Unternehmen sind Meetings aber Alibiveranstaltungen, in denen alle über den Stand der Dinge informiert oder „ins Boot geholt“ werden sollen. Das Grundproblem ist, dass die Mitarbeiter in einer so stark arbeitsteiligen Organisation wie einem Konzern kein Interesse an oder keinen Spielraum für Kompromisse haben.”

„Vielen ist bewusst, dass sie Teil eines lächerlichen Spiels sind“

Bis zum nächsten Jahr!