Purposeful Organisations in which people love to work.

150113-CompanyPurposeChangeWe changed our company purpose at our partner meeting in Utrecht on January 13th: “People thriving in collaboration” became “Purposeful Organisations in which people love to work.”

We emphasize “organisations” now. This comes from a better understanding of what our work of the last months has been about: we are interested in _organisations_: structures that are transpersonal, sustainable over a long time, in changing circumstances.

Organisations amplify the powers of the individual and provide an interface for the outside world. They are hubs – points of connection – and fields – spaces from which new directions can emerge.

_People_ are key to this: they make the effort that is necessary to sustain organisations.

Why do we, humans, care about organisations? Why make the effort to build, or work in them?

  1. Because work can be meaningful. (Purpose, Meaning.)
  2. Because work can be satisfying. (Effectiveness. Efficiency. Input-Output. Results.)
  3. Because work can be joyful. (Enjoyment. Process.)

  • Purpose is most important: Without it, work is pointless. People may still perform work or stick around for some time, especially if the work is enjoyable; but in the long run, they will leave for something more meaningful.
    What is the purpose of your organisation? Where does deep satisfaction come from?
  • Effectiveness comes next: organisations that have purpose still fail, if they are not effective: people get frustrated. Even a noble purpose will not carry, if the organisation produces too little output, or is wasteful in its operations.
    How effective are you in achieving your purpose? How could your processes be improved?
  •  Enjoyability comes at the end: A purposeful, effective organisation must see to it that the actual work process is smooth, clear and enjoyable. A healthy social environment is important too: how do people enjoy being around each other, do they thrive in collaboration?
    Note that many companies get the order wrong: they try to optimise for “fun” or “happiness” in work, while not having properly considered purposefulness or effectiveness.
    How much are you enjoying your work? How is it for others in the organisation? How could it be improved?

We imagine “Purposeful Organisations in which people love to work” to be:

  • clear in their purpose
  • effective in achieving that purpose
  • joyful in their process
  • well-connected in their social structure
  • able to adapt easily to change in the external or internal environment.

Speak to us if you’d like to develop these thoughts further or look into how your organisation could develop! Check out our offers for Personal and Team Productivity, Organisational Development and Leadership Coaching.

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