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A character to voice fears safely

In coaching and consulting conversations, it is often useful to give space to fears: to express them,  to be able to look deeper, find out what information they are carrying and find solutions when they are blocking action.

However, it can be difficult to express fears openly, especially when in a group situation. And when people do express fear, the situation can easily turn “dark” and gloomy.

Together with colleague Karolina Iwa of Progressive Partners, I came up with the idea of creating a persona to hold the fear. By creating a “fearful character”, it could be easier to express fear safely: We envisioned a humorous situation in which the client could say. “*I* have no fears, but my little friend here…” and then have space to voice even irrational fears that otherwise might stay unvoiced but still be present.

I have been experimenting with this intervention in latest client meeting and found it to be very useful.

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