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Through a partnership with iGi Partners, one of the most experienced Licensed Holacracy Providers, we can now offer you company-internal Holacracy Discovery Sessions, delivered by Holacracy Master Coach Bernard Marie Chiquet.

In these events, your own organisation is set up as if it was running on Holacracy. You can experience Holacracy’s Tactical and Governance Meetings and get an intensive impression of what it is like to work under this business operating system. This allows you to decide wether to continue with testing or implementing Holacracy or try other routes.

Please contact us if you are interested in experiencing this in your organisation!

Our company is renaming from “Röll & Korvenmaa” to “Structure & Process”. The old links to our website now redirect to this new one you are currently reading at

Our Twitter-Feed moved to @strucproc and our linkblog to

Email to our old addresses will still reach us. The new official account is