Who is using Holacracy?

Known organizations currently using Holacracy:

(as of April 5th, 2019)

October 2018: HolacracyOne now maintains a list of its own that we think might replace our list in the long run. Please consider submitting your entry to their list too. There is a thread on the Holacracy Group on Facebook on possible next steps.

To add your organisation to this list or request changes to your entry, please email info@structureprocess.com – Please give some detail about your implementation: when did you start? Who signed the constitution? How many people work in your organisation? Where are you based? Are your governance records public? Best Regards! – Juliane & the S&P Team

To be confirmed:

Organisations that have previously used Holacracy

This list was compiled and is being maintained by Juliane Röll. Margaux Chiquet and Diederick Janse contributed to the initial version. HolacracyOne also maintains a list of Holacracy Case-Studies

Last changes: add Boldare, add Hypoport & subsidiaries, add Ngentidlor, add webweit

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