Holacracy Taster Workshop in Warsaw on June 22, 2017

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you have already heard about Holacracy.

You might have heard that it’s a system for self-organization that flattens traditional hierarchies and distrubutes authority over the entire team.

You might have read about how it provides clear definitions of roles and responsibilities that allow for agile adaptation of organizational structures.

Maybe you heard rumors about ridiculously efficient and effective team meetings.

Or you’re simply generally interested in new ways of purpose-driven collaboration, and the word Holacracy keeps appearing in that context.

In any case, you’re curious…

Does Holacracy really work? Would it work in your organization? Is it worthwhile to learn?

Holacracy is a real-world-tested approach for structuring, governing, and running a purpose-driven, agile company. (…) It creates a company where everyone has greater clarity, autonomy and empowerment, and the organizational structure is continually evolving to meet the needs of the business.” (Eric Babinet)

[The answers, by the way, are: Yes. It depends. Most likely.]

If you’re still reading this, our guess is you want to learn more about Holacracy.

You can do this by reading about it, right on this website: Click here for an introduction and here for a bit more detail.

Still interested? Then come to our Taster Workshop and get an actual experience of what it feels like to work with Holacracy! It happens in Warsaw on June 22nd 2017, just after EMERGE Leadership Festival.

What this workshop will do for you:

  • Give you a full overview of the system of Holacracy
  • Give you a taste, a feel, a real-life experience of practising Holacracy (by running a company simulation with a Governance and a Tactical Meeting)
  • Connect you with other curious minds for learning together and sharing experiences
  • Allow to to ask all questions you ever wanted to ask to an experiences practitioner and organisational developer

What this workshop will (most likely) not do for you:

  • Set you up with the skills to fully practise Holacracy on your own – you usually will need to practise with a holacratic organisation for some time for that or attend a Practitioner Training (a 3-day training offered e.g. by HolacracyOne – see our list of events here)
  • Explain to you why Holacracy works the way that it does: in the timeframe of this workshop we can show you how Holacracy works and give you an experience of it. We cannot go into the history of Holacracy or explain other systems of organisational governance.
  • Give you direct answers to whether Holacracy is the right system for you or your organisation: We cannot advise you on your personal case inside of the workshop. Consider booking us for a personal hour of consulting / auditing your organisation.

Practical Information

The workshop takes place on Thursday, June 22nd, in Warsaw (Poland) – right after EMERGE Leadership Festival which we also attend and recommend.

We start at 9:00 and finish around 17:30.

The exact location is yet to be announced.

The workshop will be led by Martina Röll, who is a certified Holacracy Facilitator, one of the most experienced Holacracy practitioners in Europe, and founder and owner of Structure & Process – an organisational development company that also runs on Holacracy itself. Read more about Martina on our about page.

Costs & Registration

  • Regular Participation is 350 Euros. A number of reduced seats at 250 Euros are available – contact us if you want to make use of this.
  • We encourage colleagues registering together – two seats are 600 Euros.
  • To register for the workshop (or if you have any questions), simply send an email to info@structureprocess.com. Please include the full names and email addresses of all participants, as well as the billing address at your EU VAT-ID, if applicable.
  • Registration is valid on receipt of payment. Cancellation with an 80% refund is possible until June 15. Tickets are transferrable to alternative participants at no charge.

“I’m super inspired by Martina’s awesome introduction to Holacracy. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge so generously!” – Viola Tschendel