Integrative Decision Making

Reach satisfying group decisions quickly and clearly.

Group discussions can be endless and produce half-baked outcomes and low commitment. But individual, hierarchic decision making by a “boss” also is often dissatisfying.

“Integrative Decision Making” provides an approach to this problem: It allows for rapid processing of tensions, moving towards great clarity and the possibility of participation for all, without overwhelming discussions.

Results are crystal-clear and integrate all needs of the group, without weakening next steps through bad compromises.

IDM comes from Sociocracy and was refined in the Holacracy Operating System, where we have picked it up from. We have 7 years of experience using IDM in our own organisation and with clients, where we use it to facilitate decisions about the organisational structure, delegations of authority and allowing of individual decision making powers.

We offer Integrative Decision Making as a process when you and your group have important matters to decide.

We also teach the method to groups so you can continue using it on your own. This technique can be interesting for anyone who leads or works with groups that need to come to decisions together. You will learn a simple process that brings clarity and alignment quickly.

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