Personal Productivity and Effectiveness

A solid personal foundation.

“I have so much to do, but so little time.”
“I find myself in meetings and calls constantly and cannot work on the most important things.”
“I have tried every time management and todo-list-system in the world, but nothing works for me!”

No matter how well-functioning your organisation: if your personal systems can’t hold up, you will be overwhelmed, or resentful, or sick, or all of the above.

With a functioning personal productivity system, you will get important work done, and be well-balanced to handle requests from colleagues, clients or other collaborators.

We accompany individuals to

  • set up a complete personal organisation system, based on paper or software tools or a combination of both
    • This includes todo-lists, calendar, note-taking/reference system, e-mail and others
  • establish a practise to easily distinguish what is important from what is less important
  • overcome procrastination by integrating what is important with what is joyful and useful right now
  • maintain transparency over your personal work priorities to other coworkers
  •  develop personal strength to stay with what is important and prevent you from jumping at urgent, but unimportant tasks.

You will get more done of what is essential and and drop what is unimportant. This will free you up for creative work, learning, reflection, and relaxation.

Our approach is inspired by Getting Things Done (David Allen), Do it Tomorrow (Mark Forster), The KonMari Method (Marie Kondo).

We can support you in one-off-sessions via Skype, and can also run a longer-term process with you, typically over 9 months up to a year, including meetings in person and Skype and phone calls in between.

We understand our work as striving for effectiveness, productivity and efficiency, while maintaining and sometimes improving health and well-being at the same time. We prefer right effort over working-yourself-to-death. We prefer personal meaning over money goals and capitalism.

We don’t shy away from suggesting stress-relief, relaxation and mindfulness methods when we find them useful, but we won’t force you onto a meditation cushion.

Our clients are individual leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, executives, employees and entire teams. We work in English, German, French, Dutch, Luxembourgish and Czech.

Please contact us to begin a conversation about your wishes and needs!