What does it take for people to thrive in collaborative work?

Photo Martin Röll
Martin Röll, Founding Partner

Welcome! Willkommen!
Structure & Process builds organisational structures and processes that allow people to come fully alive in their work, thriving in collaboration.

  • Our overview and planning workshops bring:
    • clarity about ongoing work and projects
    • insight on  what is most important
    • clear next steps for everyone.
  • Using us as facilitators for work meetings, your team
    • gets in sync,
    • reduces misunderstanding and resolves conflict
    • comes to effective decision-making quickly.
  • Building useful organisational structures you
    • increase your team’s  capacity
    • stabilise what works and innovate what doesn’t
    • create a framework for further change and growth.
Portrait Rob van den Brand
Rob van den Brand, Associate Partner

In parallel with our work with teams and organisations, we offer Leadership Coaching to project managers,  business owners, leaders and founders of startups; and support them in Personal Productivity.

We are based in Meißen, Germany and work worldwide.

Please contact us to speak about your needs: call  +49 178 4984743 or send an eMail. We speak and write English, German, French, Dutch and Luxembourgish and can read Swedish, Finnish and Spanish.