Making work beautiful.

Last Update: March 9th, 2018

What if work was truly beautiful? If it was intensely joyful and filled with meaning, bringing you connection, accomplishment and a clear sense of purpose? What if this quality was present in your organisation as a whole, and the sense of well-being extending well into your private life?

Structure & Process works with individuals, organisations, institutions and groups of all kinds, building such beautiful workplaces.

Let’s begin by:

We also offer leadership development and a coaching program:

  • supporting you on your professional journey as a leader, peer and collaborator
  • accompanying you in building organisations you keep enjoying
  • improving relationships with peers, colleagues and staff.

We work as organisational developers, business consultants, process designers, facilitators, personal and team coaches, sales trainers and as technology advisors. Our clients include businesses of any size, government agencies and non-profits.

Our work is grounded in Holacracy, Open Space Technology, Circle and Art of Hosting practises. We are active members of the communities developing these approaches.

We hail from Europe and work world-wide.

Please get in touch to explore what we might do together!