Beautiful Work.

Last updated: February  19th, 2024

Structure & Process was an organisational development consulting & large group facilitation firm that was founded in Finland in 2012 by Juliane Röll and Tanja Korvenmaa. It existed until 2020, when it was closed down by its remaining partners, seeking out new careers.

This website remains as an archive, with pointers to our former service offering and resources we produced. If you’re in need of consulting or advice on organisational development, self-management (with or without Holacracy) and large group process, you can find Juliane at her new partnership in international organisational transformation firm Unblock and via her personal homepage. She can also connect you with former Structure & Process colleagues.

Structure & Process an organisational development consultancy. We work with clients, making work more beautiful:

    • developing useful organisational structure:
      • creating clarity on how work gets done and how decisions are made
      • stabilising processes that work and innovating processes that don’t
      • involving all people in relevant change, creating support and buy-in
      • empowering individuals to realise their full potential at work
      • building up self-managed teams and adaptive, self-governing structures
    • designing and hosting meaningful workshops and retreats:
      • creating space for the conversations you need to have
      • building connection and trust
      • hosting impactful and well-balanced time
      • transferring insight and decisions into everyday operations
    • facilitating efficient recurring meetings, online and offline
      • creating safe space for constructive disagreement and conflict resolution
      • coming to clear decision making fast
      • eliminating time-wasters

Structure & Process’ clients include small and large for-profit companies, non-profits, cooperatives, a city government and several universities. We purposefully do not specialise in any specific industry or any specific type of client organisation.

The work of Structure & Process is grounded in Holacracy, Open Space Technology, Circle and Art of Hosting practises. Our team members are active members of the communities developing these approaches. We show up as organisational developers, business consultants, process facilitators, workshop designers, team coaches and/or technology advisors depending on the project need. 

Please get in touch to explore what we might do together!