What if working together was… beautiful?

Last Update: May 22, 2017

Welcome to our open seminars and events!

What if working together with others was beautiful, not frustrating? What if organizational structure was helpful, clear and empowering? What if all work that appeared on your desk was clearly relevant and meaningful, or would otherwise gotten rid of quickly?

Structure & Process is a European organisational development consultancy. We partner up with clients to

Our work builds on Holacracy, Open Space Technology, Circle and Art of Hosting practises. We are active members of the communities developing these approaches and methods.

We function as organisational designers, management consultants, leadership coaches and technology advisors for any group of people that works together. Our clients include businesses of any size, education institutions, government agencies and non-profits. We also teach what we do to other consultants, facilitators and group workers.

Our team is multi-local and works worldwide, in English, German, Dutch, Flemish, Luxembourgish and French. We are open for more individuals to join us.

What is your interest? What do you need? We look forward to you getting in touch and starting an exploration of what we may do together!