Strategy and Priority Setting Workshops for Teams

Get an overview over all your projects.

Collaborate effectively on what is most important.

With our planning workshops, your team can

  • get clarity on all current  projects, their blockages, necessary resources and practical next steps.
  • create a visual overview of everything that is going on in the company
  • give structure to vague ideas
  • decide what to act on now and what to leave for later
  • set up clear governance for fast and efficient decision-making

Our process:

  1. In an initial planning conversation, we assess your needs and design an approach to working together.
  2. We collaborate in preparing the workshop and inviting the team to it.
  3. In one or more workshop sessions, we surface ideas, capture them on paper and build a map-like overview of all that is going on. Next actions are identified and distributed.
  4. You transfer the results into your team’s collaborative systems – or we help you do it. We may set up a system for you if one is needed. We can advise you on what system to use and provide the training for it.
  5. We ensure that processes are set up that maintain you working continuously at the newly achieved, higher level of organisation.

After the workshop, we support you and teach you our methods and techniques until you are self-sustainable with them.

Who is it for?

Any team that want to work together more effectively, with greater clarity, better prioritisation and higher velocity. We run these workshops for teams within companies, for startups, non-profits, small and large business.


We can facilitate in German, English, French and Czech.

Get in touch to speak about your needs!