Large Group Meetings & Team Retreats

Imagine a workshop or a team retreat in which everyone was fully engaged:

Deep questions. Good-hearted debate and meaningful conversation. Insightful answers. Work getting done. Problems being solved. New challenges identified. With fun and lightness all around.

We build such meetings, for groups of any size and kind, from a few hours to multi-day-events.

Wether you are planning a team offsite, a conference, a workshop or an unconference, we can support you with:

  • crafting an invitation that activates and pulls the right people in
  • planning and designing the meeting, making it purposeful and engaging
  • hosting and facilitating preparatory meetings to make sure everything is taken care of
  • training hosts and facilitators, or facilitating ourselves
  • capturing learnings and reflections  for improved follow-up
  • documenting the event and following-up into meaningful action

Our approach is informed by participatory and self-organisation methods from the Art of Hosting and Open Space Technology communities. We teach our technique to other facilitators.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs!