Adaptive Structures & Processes for Responsive Organisations

In responsive organisations, structures and processes must adapt, as the company learns.

We work with leaders who want to change rigid organisational structures into more flexible, self-organising ones.

We also help startups, who start from a “no structure”-organisation, grow more stable and more clear structures that increase power and efficiency. (Read this article for an inspiration.)

We reduce friction in work and communication processes,  increase clarity on what is known and what is not-known, and empower the team to self-organise. This increases the team’s effectiveness, speeds up decision making and frees up manager’s resources.

We can help you:

  • Establish a process that continuously evolves your organisational structure, as your organisation learns.
  • Set up effective work meetings to get your team in sync and make fast, clear and wise decisions
  • Build and maintain a clear tactical overview of the work that is currently being done
  • Clarify what is important now and what do do later
  • Set up software tools such as Glassfrog, TrelloSlack or Basecampthat improve team communication and help you manage and continuously evolve your organisation.

Pur approach is based on Holacracy, Open Space Technology and the Art of Hosting.

We work with established organisation, medium-size startups, small teams of founders and sole entrepreneurs, profit or non-profit. We support large company spin-offs and organisational experiments within established organisations.

Leaders / managers can receive support during the change process through Leadership Coaching. All team members can be supported by Personal Productivity Coaching.

We usually join an organisation for 12-18 months, accompanying it in regular meetings and workshops at the beginning, then passing over our work by teaching team members our technique until the organisation is self-sustainable. Support is also possible over the distance through Skype. We work worldwide.

Please contact Martina Röll to begin a conversation!