Purpose Discovery for Teams and Organisations

What is the deeper meaning of your organisation’s work?

What is it that drives you and your team forward?

“Making money” is not the goal of an organisation: There is a deeper meaning, a true purpose of what you do.

Discover what your work is really about in our purpose discovery workshop. Find out what meaning work has for you, for clients and for coworkers.

Clarity of purpose will motivate you and your team, giving a clear direction to work, and setting the ground for a “teal”,  purpose-based, organisation.

  • What is the organisation really about?
  • What motivates people beyond money?
  • What can give guidance for self-organised structural and operative decisions?

We guide you through a process to come up with clear words and helpful visuals that capture your purpose and bring it to a point.

A helpful follow-up is our Strategy and Priority Setting Workshop.

Our process:

  1. In an initial planning conversation, we assess your needs. How do you want to use purpose to guide your organisation? What outcomes do you need?
  2. We prepare the workshop and help you invite the team to it.
  3. In one or more workshop sessions we discover individual and shared meaning, and condense it into a shared statement of purpose.
  4. You transfer the results into your team’s systems and structure – building helpful visual overviews where necessary.
  5. We build a process with you that regularly reviews and refines the purpose, keeping it up-to-date and the organisation learns and changes.

Who is it for?

  • Teams that wants to work together with greater clarity, better prioritisation and synchronisation.
  • Leaders who want their team to become less dependent on them and more self-organising.

Purpose-based leadership functions in any sector, profit or non-profit and with any size of business.


We can facilitate in German, English, French, and Czech.

Speak with us and we’ll find out together what scope, time and money investment may be reasonable for your situation.

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