Who is using Holacracy?

Known organizations currently using Holacracy:

(as of February 14th 2017)

To add your organisation to this list or request changes, please email info@structureprocess.com – if possible give some detail about your implementation: when did you start? Who signed the constitution? How many people work in your organisation? Where are you based? Are your governance records public? Best Regards! – Martina & the S&P Team

To be confirmed:

Organisations that have previously used Holacracy

This list was compiled and is being maintained by Martina Röll. Margaux Chiquet and Diederick Janse contributed to the initial version. A fork of this list exists at Evolving Organisation. There is a thread on the Holacracy CoP on this, a posting on the Holacracy Facebook Group and another posting on the Holacracy Facebook Group.

HolacracyOne also maintains a list of Holacracy Case-Studies.

Last updates: December 17th: added VillageOffice; September 26th: added Durabilis; September 20th: added Connectis, Butterfly Works, Rockstart, Smart Hotel, PRO6 Managers; September 19th: added Green-Acres; September 12th: added Viisi; June 3rd: add CompassPoint & Valsplat, May 16th: add Purely Poultry, encode.org, evolution at work, Business School Lausanne, dwarfs&Giants, rename watech, May10: Add Spindle, Apr 5th: Move Medium, Mar 24: added People’s Playground, VSE, CINTEO, Feb 22: Added AFAC, LIIP, Euforia, Feb 13: added socialsquare, findasense Feb 8th: added doctusoft, FinanceFix, EMPAUA, various name changes, Nov 25: added Wertschätzer, Nov 20th: added soulbottles, couragelabs, mankind project, xpreneurs, washington tech, acnv-bv, berkeley clubhouse; July 11th: added Scarabee, energized.org, June 5th: Added OZ, Voys, cid, Colman, added new tbc orgs; March 23rd: added Office of the CIO Washington, Jan 20th: added Buddhist Geeks, added link collections, January 12th 2015: (added Netcentric), 2014: November 14th (Backstop no longer using Holacracy), November 13th (added talkSpirit, added ARCA), August 21st (added some orgs tbc from article), July 20th (added Concept7), June 3rd (added liv.it, added link to HolacracyOne page), May 29th (added Moveline + ITX Wireless; renamed Evolving Organisation (from Agile Organisation), May 6th (added Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg), April 2nd (added Next Action Partners), April 21st (R&K renamed to Structure & Process) April 12th (added Conscious Capitalism), April 7th (Wonderworks confirmed), March 26th (Outformations confirmed), March 24th 2014 (added Precision Nutrition), March 6 (added Becoming Parents Program and Washington’s Strengthening Families Collective, added Boulder Conscious Community ), March 3rd 2014 (second Facebook-Thread, +WD Operations circle), Feb 27th 2014 (added Threecoins), (Older changes not tracked)