Interested in working with us? Schedule an Exploratory Call!

To explore collaborating with us, we offer a free video call:

You will:

  • gain more clarity on your challenge
  • get an impression of the people who you will be working with
  • get a view on what your next steps – with us or without us – can be.

The call is semi-structured and lasts 60 minutes. In it:

  • We get to know eachother:
    • We introduce ourselves and the call format
    • You have space to go into depth about your issue.
    • We reflect back what we hear from you
      • You get an impression of how we think, listen and speak, and how we relate to you and your problem.
      • We get to know you and your situation and find out if we can understand it and care enough about it to want to work with you.
    • We introduce our backgrounds and our approach to consulting & organisational development work
      • You learn about the personalities and motivations of our team.
      • You learn what we do, why we do it, and how we do it.
      • You can ask any question you like, about us, our process or our work.
  • We suggest next steps to you:
    • On the basis of our understanding, we will suggest clear next steps you can take. These may be for you individually, or in collaboration with us, in the form of a consulting or coaching engagement.

Your outcomes:

  • Clarity on your situation
    • Go into depth of what your issue is about – we listen intently and reflect back to you what we hear and understand.
    • Explore your personal needs inside of the organisational problem.
    • See how we understand and reflect back to you what you share with us.
  • Connection with Structure & Process:
    • understand better who we are and what we do
    • learn about how we work internally and with clients in general, and how this might look with you.
    • ask all the questions you want
  • Empowerment for next steps
    • know your options and possibilities better
    • collaborate with Structure & Process, or move on alone

You can schedule a call by emailing us at Do suggest a date and time that works for you directly!

The call lasts 60 minutes. We recommend for you to block 90 minutes in your calendar, so that you have some personal buffer afterwards.

We use Skype or Zoom for video calls. If you are unable to use video and/or Skype/Zoom, let us know and we will use a regular voice telephone call instead.

We look forward to getting to know you!