Interested in working with us? Schedule an Exploratory Call!

If you think you may be interested in working with us, we offer a free 60-90 minute exploratory call to get to know eachother and discuss possible next steps.

Our call is semi-structured and hosted in Skype or Zoom. In it:

  • We get to know eachother:
    • Do we like eachother?
    • Do we speak in ways that make sense to eachother?
    • Can we understand what the other is about?
  • We learn about you and your situation:
    • Go into depth of what your issue is about – we listen intently.
    • Explore your personal needs inside of the organisational problem.
    • See how we understand and reflect back to you what you share with us.
  • You learn about Structure & Process:
    • we’ll share about who we are and why we do what we do
    • we’ll explain how we work with clients in general and how this might look with you.
    • you get to ask all the questions you want

At the end, if we both agree to, we will suggest possible next steps we can take together. You then decide wether you want to take them.

These are the results of our call for you:

  • better knowledge  of who we are, what we do and how we do it
  • a reflection of your current situation
  • a sense of how well we can understand you quickly
  • clarity about possible next steps with us

Exploratory calls last 60 to 90 minutes (please schedule 90 minutes) and take place via Skype or Zoom. If you are unable to do video telephony, let us know and we can use a regular telephone call instead.

You can schedule a call by emailing us at We are looking forward to getting to know you!