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New Purpose: “Organisations worth belonging to.”

Structure & Process operates with an explicit company purpose. We use words to invite clients and new members to our community and to guide ourselves in what we do.

We recently changed our purpose from “beautiful work to “Organisations worth belonging to.

Or, more verbose:

Beautiful work
on things that matter
in thriving collaborative communities.

Organisations worth belonging to. 

I shall explain why we made the change and it means to us.

“Beautiful work” was the condensed form of what we were about: work in all its forms, and a sense of beauty which went far beyond aesthetics, but included purposefulness, connectedness with other people, and sustainability.

However, I felt that we needed to move to a more concrete expression of what we are about and especially what we bring into the world. I realised that beyond “beauty”, we actually create something very tangible in Structure & Process and in our client organisations:

When we started Structure & Process seven years ago (in 2012), we had come to the realisation that that most existing organisations were simply not attractive to us:

  • Their purposes were often vague or non-existent, their behaviour sometimes openly evil
  • Their value systems rarely fit ours
  • Their social environments were unhealthy or uninspiring

We wanted to build something better: A company to belong to, in the best sense of the word. A purposeful organisation that one would be happy to work in. (“Purposeful organisations in which people love to work.” became our company purpose in 2015.)

Over the years, we realised how precious our time is: we need to make very conscious choices what to spend it on. This is one thing we emphasize in worth belonging to: Every person has a choice to make what to work on and who to engage with. It is a valuable choice. Which organisation is worth belonging to? Is yours?

With the new focus on organisations rather than work, we emphasize the tangible and a long-term intent: We are building something, not simply doing. We are building organisations, not just consulting.

This will give us a renewed focus on our own structures and systems, putting effort into making Structure & Process an organisation worth belonging to and a beautiful structure & community to do meaningful work in.

Essential Intent

Build and sustain a prototypical organisation

- that anyone can access 
- which people want to belong to
- where people can 
  - put in their best work
  - receive and give support
  - be inspired to better action
- that produces tangible outcomes of its purpose
A draft “Essential Intent” statement for Structure & Process (Juliane, March 2019)

We shall also look into our long-term relationships with clients, and into new forms of cooperating, e.g. as joint-ventures rather than within transactional consulting project relationships.

While we work on giving this shape, please already consider our invitation: You are welcome to join us, as a colleague or client, and work together with us building organisations worth belonging to. It could be yours. It could be ours. It could be a new one we start together. What would you like to work on?

We vow do to it beautifully and in line with our values.

Values of Structure & Process: 
Intentionality / Purposefulness
Inclusivity / Diversity
Ease / Balance
Right Effort
Participation (Teilhabe)
A very rough draft of what might become Structure & Process’s “company values” (Juliane, March 2019)

We are organisation builders, coaches, consultants, process facilitators and human beings. If you would like to work together with us, please get in touch!

Dream of writing a book? Join our inspiration session!

Earlier this year, Lara and I were part of co-creating a new book on healing psychological trauma (recently published in Dutch, English translation coming up).

What started with the dream of one person, became a reality through collaboration of a group that involved over 100 people.

The short version of the story? The one person having the dream was Ybe, traumatherapist and Lara’s mother. She started writing the book. Then Lara and Jill added illustrations and poetry. Then, Rob and 20 more people joined in organising a marketing and social media campaign. Finally, close to 150 crowdfunders made the first print of the book a reality!

For many people involved, this project shifted the perception of what is possible in book publishing. Continue reading Dream of writing a book? Join our inspiration session!

Bring your email inbox down to Zero!

How do you feel about your email? Happy? Overwhelmed? Stressed?

As we go along working with teams and organisations, we often find that individuals feel overwhelmed and out-of-control with their email, putting them under stress and making it difficult to relate to others. After all, working with others will only put more email into your inbox!

If you would like to improve how you handle your email, and spend less time checking and worrying about your inbox and more time getting things done, our Inbox Zero Guide is for you.

Written by personal productivity expert Rob van den Brand, it walks you through a series of simple steps that make you regain control of your email inbox. If you would like personal support, we offer live online coaching for this too. But let’s start simply: Request your free copy of “Inbox Zero” here!

Purposeful Organisations in which people love to work.

150113-CompanyPurposeChangeWe changed our company purpose at our partner meeting in Utrecht on January 13th: “People thriving in collaboration” became “Purposeful Organisations in which people love to work.”

We emphasize “organisations” now. This comes from a better understanding of what our work of the last months has been about: we are interested in _organisations_: structures that are transpersonal, sustainable over a long time, in changing circumstances.

Organisations amplify the powers of the individual and provide an interface for the outside world. They are hubs – points of connection – and fields – spaces from which new directions can emerge.

_People_ are key to this: they make the effort that is necessary to sustain organisations.

Why do we, humans, care about organisations? Why make the effort to build, or work in them?

  1. Because work can be meaningful. (Purpose, Meaning.)
  2. Because work can be satisfying. (Effectiveness. Efficiency. Input-Output. Results.)
  3. Because work can be joyful. (Enjoyment. Process.)

Continue reading Purposeful Organisations in which people love to work.