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Links of the Week (Week 2/2016)


Hello again. Happy New Year! Hope you had wonderful holidays and a good start into the New Year of 2016. Here are our first Links of the Week, curated from our link collection:


Ross Mayfield writes about the right momentum you need to build your start-up or project. The author encourages leaders to especially look out  for internal momentum such as a good team, and take the chance to use that. Momentum.

Another helpful and related advice for start-up founders has Auren Hoffmann on Quora. Deriving from sports, he draws a general distinction between the “Position player” and the “All-Around-Athlete”. Both – the highly specialized employee as well as the multi-talented one – are required in companies, but they are needed in different situations and phases of the company: How do you avoid hiring the wrong people for your startup?

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Juha Huuskonen published an interesting collection of his learnings at the recent Art of Hosting training in Finland.

The Art of Hosting is a community of Facilitation Professionals and a Toolset for group moderation / hosting / facilitation.

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